The Dream Apes NFT Collection is a community driven art project which aims to uplift spirits and promote positivity. With its inspiring theme, the collection is envisioned to be a lifestyle brand with partnerships to international distributors and establishments.

Dream Apes NFT is built with over a hundred unique attributes.

Purchasing a Dream Ape gives each member an opportunity to participate, contribute, build, grow and collaborate with the team. It also enables the holder to earn passive income through $DREAM.

Dream Apes aims to be the 1st NFT to have a Coffee & Milk Tea Shop and Merchandise Store in real life.

Marketing/Community Manager
Drew has a solid 13 years experience in equities trading and portfolio management.

He is also an entrepreneur with excellent business management and network building skills. Drew is also an abstract expressionism artist and an avid art collector.
Developer and Merchandise
Vince is an accomplished entrepreneur. His main business is focused on the design, manufacture and marketing of apparels. He is also keen in software development.
Ant is a multifaceted artist with 8 years experience in the industry. He specializes in creating 2d visual arts and animation.

When was minting?

February 18, 2022 – 100% MINTED

How much was the mint price?

0.7 SOL

What is the total supply?

4,888 Dream Apes

What blockchain is Dream Apes on?


Where can I buy Dream Apes?

You can buy Dream Apes on Magic Eden, Solanart, Alpha Art and Solsea.

What is staking?

Staking is the process of holding or locking an NFT in a mechanism for a specified period of time in exchange for rewards. For Dream Apes, staking your apes will earn you $DREAM.

How many $DREAM can you earn when you stake your apes?

The amount of $DREAM you can earn by staking depends on the lock-in period you select for your apes:

Dream Apes (Adult)

  • • 30 days lock-in : 1.10 $DREAM per ape per day
  • • 15 days lock-in : 1.05 $DREAM per ape per day
  • • 7 days lock-in : 1.00 $DREAM per ape per day

Baby Dream Apes

  • • 30 days lock-in : 0.22 $DREAM per ape per day
  • • 15 days lock-in : 0.21 $DREAM per ape per day
  • • 7 days lock-in : 0.20 $DREAM per ape per day

What is the initial price of $DREAM?

Initial price at Raydium is 0.1 USDC per $DREAM.

What is the LP (liquidity pool) source of $DREAM?

Initial source of LP is injections from the team. For sustainability, further sources of LP will come from portions of secondary sales royalties, DAO investment profits and portion of physical store net income.

What is the supply and allocation of $DREAM?

$DREAM has a maximum supply of 71,364,800 but 70% of this will gradually be burned every month. The deflationary supply of $DREAM is designed to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

How will $DREAM be burned?

Aside from the monthly deflationary burns, $DREAM will also burn every time it is used in the Dream Apes ecosystem (Breeding, Arcade Game, Playground/Casino, Auctions, 3D Fusion, etc.). Burned $DREAM is gone forever and cannot be used again.

Where is $DREAM listed?

$DREAM is listed on Raydium. This means you can trade it for other cryptocurrency like Solana and USDC.

What are the utilities of $DREAM?

  • • Breeding Baby Dream Apes
  • • 3D Dream Apes fusion
  • • Dream Apes Playground (coin flip, slot machine, roulette, etc.) and Arcade Game
  • • Online and physical store discount vouchers
  • • NFT auction and raffle
  • • Raydium Exchange Value
  • • Sovana Metaverse integration

What is the supply of Baby Dream Apes?

There are 4,888 Baby Dream Apes, same with adult Dream Apes.

What do we need to breed 1 Baby Dream Ape?

You need 60 $DREAM to purchase the “Banana Love Potion” plus 2 adult Dream Apes to be able to breed.

Where are Baby Dream Apes listed?

Baby Dream Apes are listed as a separate collection on Magic Eden.

What are the utilities of Baby Dream Apes?

Similar to adult Dream Apes, you can stake the Baby Dream Apes to earn $DREAM. Refer to Tokenomics subsection for the utilities of $DREAM.

What portion of secondary sales royalties will go to DAO Investment Fund and to $DREAM LP?

Dream Apes Genesis 5% Secondary royalty distribution

  • • 33% Business Model Expansion
  • • 33% Dream Apes Team
  • • 17% DAO Investment Fund
  • • 17% $DREAM Liquidity Pool

Baby Apes 5% Secondary royalty distribution (100% breakdown as follows below)

  • • 35% $DREAM Liquidity Pool
  • • 30% Business Model Expansion
  • • 20% Dream Apes Team
  • • 15% Crypto Coders (ARxolotl Team)

How can holders benefit from the physical store?

Store net income will be allotted as follows:

  • • 80% - Business Growth
  • • 10% - $DREAM Liquidity Pool
  • • 10% - Dream Apes Team

How can holders be qualified for a distributorship opportunity?

Select holders with business acumen and background who want to distribute Dream Apes merchandise and products in their territory can be a business partner of the team. Further information on this will be made available to potential partners.

Disclaimer: Owning a Dream Apes NFT does not entitle holders any legal rights to the Dream Apes Brand or represent any share in the company.

Initial Launch
Mint Phase 2 - SOLD OUT
Secondary market listing (ME, Solanart, Alpha Art, Solsea)
Staking released
Baby Dream Apes design conceptualization and development of Breeding Platform
DAO Investment Fund launch
Breeding released
Listing of $DREAM on Raydium
Beta testing of Mobile Game
Online Merch Store Test Run
Development of Playground Casino (Coin Flip, Roulette, Slot Machine)
Revamped and updated website
Fixed period staking
Partnership with Sovana for future metaverse integration
Release of Mobile Game
Launch of Playground Casino
Official launch of Online Merch Store
Target OpenSea Listing
Opening of Milk Tea and Coffee Shop (physical store)
Release of Discount Vouchers
NFT Auction using $DREAM
3D Dream Apes Fusion